How to Set Lead Capture Rules for IDX Broker [2:43] 2018

Hello this is Catherine Chadwick, Project Manager for Ballen Brands. And today I’m gonna show you where to adjust your Lead Capture Settings for IDX Broker. So while you’re logged in to your IDX Broker Dashboard you’re gonna wanna go to Leads. From there you’ll click on Lead Registration Preferences. And we’re gonna click on the Advanced tab. From here we’re gonna go to Global Registration Rules, and this is where you can set your Global Lead Registration Rules for your IDX Pages.
So you have an ability to create a Request Registration, or a Forced Registration for each section. We have Search Pages, Map Search Pages, Results Pages, Details Pages, and then your Photo Gallery. What we recommend is that you set it up for your Photo Gallery. Through testing, and measuring we found that the system most effective method of getting leads without turning people away from your website with other Forced Registration. So if you wanted to click this.
If you have a BREW this has probably already been done for you. We do this automatically when we set you up. But if you wanted to click Forced Registration for this you can set the number of Pages, that you want to be viewable. Maybe you want to let them see one Page of Listings before you Force the Registration. You can set that here. And you can also create a custom Message here, which you may want to say get instant access to all photos, or whatever you would want to say, you would put that here. And then save the changes.
And you can do that for each area should you choose to implement on any of the other Pages. So that’s how you set up your Lead Registration Preferences for IDX Broker. Hope you found this helpful. Be sure to Like the video, and subscribe to our channel for more helpful tips. For IDX Broker, and BREW.

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