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  1. Omg I have been watching a lot of your videos. All these help me a lot. I immediately saw an improvement one one video that I saw this week about gratitude. I will give you updates as I progress.

  2. Credit score. Just shows you good at having debt. So not good tip. Just giving your money to banks. I buy car cash. Stuff cash
    And yes you can get a house with no credit. Its called manual underwriting

  3. Pay of car get cheapest apartment possible. don't buy coffee buy coffee machine. buy food in bulk at costco. and the biggest thing to save money is find free activities. do you want to go to the club or own the club.
     1. $1,000 starter emergency fund. its called a rainy day fund for a reason. I'm positive its gonna rain. i don't know when but i KNOW its gonna rain!!!!
    2. Pay off all debt smallest to largest. AKA the snowball method. seeing the debt getting paid off will boost confidence in method and once your smaller one gets paid you can add that amount to the next debt.
     3. Build up your emergency fund to 3-6 months worth of expenses in a easy access or liquid MONEY MARKET ACCOUNT. money markets get more apy (intrest). this account isnt a investment it is INSURANCE.
     DO STEPS 4, 5, AND 6 AT SAME TIME!!!
    4. invest 15% of income in a ROTH IRA or ROTH 401K for retirement. (roth= tax free withdraw)
    5. Kids college fund. ESA Education Savings Account. its like a roth for college. $2000 deposit limit per year. so 2k every year for 18 years= 36k. you put in 36k and with the accounts intrest compounding you will withdraw 126k for your childs college.
    6. pay off house. imagine what you could do without that house payment. could your retirement account use a extra 700-1700 per month. maybe even buying a second house to rent.

  4. So I know this video is close to 2 years old, but I just wanted to say – when I was a tween and still living at home (with 3 siblings – over 20 years ago), we had a 5 gallon bucket with a slot my dad cut in the top to put loose change in. We all pitched in our random coins, and when it was full (about a year later) we decided to count it. I was tasked with counting and rolling it all for the bank, and it ended up being over $3000!!! (Keep in mind this was in Canada, so we had $1 and $2 coins as well) We ended up using the money to go on a family vacation 🙂

  5. Making extra income if you're current income is low is KEY to being able to save. Thanks for this video! It's exciting meeting certain goals! I was able to save $25,000 in under 2 years on an entry level salary! It wasn't easy. But, it's possible!

  6. again, small towns! we don't have fast food around here so it's not a problem. haha people flock to small towns not just my small town because it won't be small any more! 😀 I already walk around my town and think there are too many people 😀

  7. I don't have a credit union but I live in a super small town, and I bank at a local small town bank. I use a financial pillow and start getting super paranoid once I get below a certain point. I have never had any fees 😀 I also don't drive. I live in a super small town, so I walk my kids to school, walk to the store, walk everywhere. My mom takes us wherever we need to go out of town and I pay her for gas so it's like a carpool. We make it a point to not go anywhere we don't need to go. I don't have cable, I do have internet which costs me 100 a month now, but my kids have Roku tvs in their room plus a lap top and I have a desktop for my homework. i have a smartphone I use around the house but I cut the bill and we qualify for a free phone because I'm a single mom with two small children. We use the assistance available and we actually do really great! Not rich but totally happy. Great house, great yard, we have food and pets and everything we need. We keep our spending in check and we are doing great. I also work on adopting a minimalist lifestyle. If we don't need it, we don't want it or pay for it, we get rid of what we don't need and we go through our stuff to donate locally. 😀

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