HOW TO REVISE | Top 10 Revision Tips

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36 thoughts on “HOW TO REVISE | Top 10 Revision Tips”

  1. Hey Kaitlin! This was so helpful for me as I begin my exams next month and I have struggled to revise lately, I found this very helpful as I have a handful of past papers to complete please may you do more revision videos Thanks Love you ❤❤✨

  2. This was a really nice change, thank you very much. You've helped a lot of stressed teenagers such as myself , I normally never comment but I felt it necessary this time
    Ps your shirt is beautiful on you

  3. my worst problem atm is starving myself to study for my A-levels, I feel tired after I eat & can't process so I end up starving myself for hrs so I can get more work done & I know its horrible & I should stop

  4. This was so helpful please make more and thanks so much! I have my s3 exams next week and while they're not massive exams, they're still a big deal to me because I've never done exams before x

  5. Omg thank you so much for making this video!! I've been stressing out for the past week because I have an important English test that I don't know how to revise for, and every time I watch a revision video it always says the same thing. But this ACTUALLY helped me. Please please please make more videos, they are so great and helpful! Xx

  6. yessssss please do a video of how you actually revise im gonna love it! and yes indeed reading past papers before you revise is much better n never compare to ur frds. I also recommend to stick a flipping calendar sheet on a small bulliton board so that we can always REMIND ourselves how many days are left for us xx LOVE YOU LOADS KAITLIN!!!

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