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The Never Broke Action Pack – 5

30 Days to $2500 – 5

How to Write for Cash 4

The Child support Course – 3

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25 thoughts on “How To REALLY MAKE MONEY WITH A BLOG | The Paid Blogger PT 1”

  1. Wondering if this course is still being offered. I asked you a question re blogging, only to find this video. My apologies. Is this course still being offered? How can I contact you to leave a voice message re my business? TIA.

  2. I've been watching your videos for awhile now and Its inspired me to start my own blog and attempt to make money myself…. the only problem is that I'm 15 and have a I have very tight budget. I have set up my blog on WordPress called TeenLifePhilosophy and I am wanting to make myself a sort of life coach for teens and or young adults and be able to connect with them on a deeper level due to my age. I looked into talking to you directly but the money isn't really in my near future.. so any response to this would be greatly appreciated. I just wanted your opinion on what direction or things I should do to kick start myself in the right direction and what I can do to actually make money with writing and what tactics I could use taking in consideration of my age and situation. I know how busy you must be and that questions like this are meant to be paid for but taken my situation any help would be greatly appreciated(: thanks again (also if you could look at my first blog post and give me some feedback that would also awesome)

  3. hey I took your advice and started making video's explaining each loan program. But with a different twist I am making them int cartoons. So far I have about six video's and plan to keep making them one after another.
    It has helped produce some traffic from youtube and linked.
    Please subscribe to commercial mortgage mark channel and my web site and give me your opinion. I agreed with a lot of you videos'. Especially the ghetto mindset of fuck it why try anything it will not work out anyway. I was actually defeated.
    For the last ten years I have been on top but before I was on the bottom so I can relate to your points. Thanks for having the balls to tell it the way it really is. I feel that if you can speak to the youth you may be able to help a few ignorant bad apples because I had to learn the hard way. 

    mark fulop

  4. Excellent video! I really like all your points. Freedom is #1 for me because of my health…I need to be able to work around that and also the time to spend time with my family. Beause I work from home, we were able to homeschool the kids. We homeschooled because the freedom it gave us. Once you have your freedom…you NEVER want to give it up.

  5. Signed Up! I am already running (WordPress-ecommerce site, Hostgator and Mailchimp), for my business. Will these work, or should I create a new sites/mailists/etc? I need to research how to add the "blog" function (that is viewable on the front-end) to my ecommerce site… And, good to see you back and in good health.

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