How To Promote Clickbank Products in 7 EASY Steps!

How To Promote Clickbank Products in 7 EASY Steps!
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Detailed Description:
If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing and would like to learn How To Promote Clickbank Products in 7 EASY Steps! this vid would be just what you need! In this video, I will be teaching you the in-depth tutorial on How To Promote Clickbank Products in 7 EASY Steps!

If you have questions regarding How To Promote Clickbank Products in 7 EASY Steps! Please feel free to leave a comment down below.

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DISCLAIMER: This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!


33 thoughts on “How To Promote Clickbank Products in 7 EASY Steps!”

  1. Hello Eric,
    I enjoyed your video and what you explained was very helpfully I’m new to the affiliate market and have a question.
    So after you email the person on YouTube and ask them to promote your link where would they actually put your link at? Would it be under there description as if you were to upload a video of your own. Or how would it be ?

  2. Love your video but question when stating you have a Blog, and they email back with what is the name of your blog so I can check it out
    lol I am only asking because I am trying to copy your method but if they email back ?

  3. I actually tried this. Was able to place my HopLink under a video link with almost 1M views. However, it’s been a week and the video has had an extra 10k views since then, but I have not made a single sale yet. The link is correct I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong…

  4. Good tutorial Eric, but you skipped a very important point… That is creating an affiliate sales funnel to drive traffic and your funnel. This is a crucial step that many newbies don't know about. I would pretty much love it if you can create a good video about building a sales funnel and advice your audience never to use direct linking…

  5. Hi Eric,
    I liked your vid but i do have 1 question. I may look stupid but If you say to the youtuber that you wil pay him/ her. How would you recommend doing this? How would you pay him or her

  6. It could actually work, but to increase your click through rate I would set up a blog with at least 10-15 articles that are delivering value about the topic. You also need a landing page to collect leads. This way you have your own domain which looks way more professional and the benefit to building an email list is you can promote other product to them in the future. I would not go for the sales straight away. Don't think how much money you could make. Think how much value you could give to your audience in the first place. People don't buy through a random link there is no trust in it. People buy from people. Let your audience know you and trust you then you can think about the commissions. Hope it helps.

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