How To Plan an Online Video Course

Wondering how to plan an online video course for something like Teachable? Listen to these steps to get you started & organized.
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Creating an online video course can be a great way to get residual income. This is great to do if you area already holding classes or events, or are a coach, however some times people aren’t sure how to get started or how to structure an online course.

First you want to create an introductory video. This will be like a syllabus for your course. Who is the course for, what’s going to be covered and what should people expect for after the course is complete. Not only is this video great for people who are going to be a part of the course, however this can also be used as a marketing tool to promote the course.

Then you want to think about what are the various topics or chapters you can have for your course. Don’t put all the information in one long video. Its better to create multiple videos for different chapters or topics so people can learn at their own pace.

Lastly create an overview video that is going to quickly recap everything that has been learned, a reminder of chapter they may want to review again, and a call to action. Just because someone went through your course doesn’t mean they should be done with you. What should be their next step? Do you have another course? Should they schedule a one to one training with you? What makes the most sense for you and your new client.

This will help you plan your online video course, then it’s a matter of getting the production completed.
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