How to Persuade Anyone – The 25 Cognitive Biases by Charlie Munger

How to Persuade Anyone – The 25 Cognitive Biases by Charlie Munger
If you want to learn how to Persuade people, then you must learn the 25 Cognitive Biases. Not all these biases work on everyone, and some biases will affect you more than others. What makes people make a decision depends on how many of these biases get activated at the same time. So not only will you learn how to persuade people, but this video will help to prevent you from getting scammed or making impulse decisions that you will later regret.

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36 thoughts on “How to Persuade Anyone – The 25 Cognitive Biases by Charlie Munger”

  1. Tricks never work as well as genuine behavior. Unless you can find growth from the inside, you'll not get there. I'd suggest a great guide for this The Sorcerer's Secrets by don Jesus Ramirez, it will change you mind, you life and those around you. It may sound crazy, but a lot of people only think they know, but have no idea why they think so.

  2. E.) None of the above. I would need more of a reason to do any of those things than someone telling me to. Nice video though, I did enjoy watching.

    edit: I also neither liked nor disliked the video, in case that means something too.

  3. It’s very bizarre to me that so many lessons that relate to cognitive bias are completely shameless about touting the ability to exploit them as a benefit to learning about them. As if it isn’t blatantly and sincerely fucking evil.

    One of the worlds heaviest struggles today is that basically everything this could be applied to is already entirely saturated with tempting logical fallacy and clickbait

  4. Sprichst Du Deutsch und interessierst dich für kognitive Bias's , Heuristiken und Denkfehler? Ich studiere Psychologie und erkläre auf meinem Kanal jede Woche einen kognitiven Denkfehler im Detail!!
    Das sind z.B. die Verfügbarkeitsheuristik, die erklärt wieso wir Wahrscheinlichkeiten falsch einschätzen, der Normalitätsbias, der bewirkt dass Menschen in Notfallsituationen nicht fliehen, sondern lieber sterben, und noch viele mehr.
    Also wenn du Lust hast, dann schau vorbei – Es hilft dir sicher bessere Entscheidungen zu treffen!
    Lg DENKEN Zwei Punkt Null

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