How To Make Money On Youtube

Hey guys, it’s Money Monday!

I’m sharing the three things I did to leverage my youtube series for a $348,000 contract in just 6 months.

I’ll also be talking about the approach I implemented using my blog as a tool to boost sales to more than $13,000 in a single day for one of my businesses.

This is just surface material, so if you want in on the free training that goes further in depth on how you can finally get paid for your content, head to and sign up for the free webinar.

Now to making your blog or vlog make money for you…

…for the full article, with all of the steps written out for you head to:

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What tools and tactics are you using to build and monetize your platform?
And what would you like to know more about making money online?

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26 thoughts on “How To Make Money On Youtube”

  1. 0:47 " I'm going to let you in on a little secret: most influencers, bloggers, YouTubers are actually broke ." This isn't even a secret to us smart folks! These people are usually always posting their expensive clothing/shoes/cars, but ignorant people believe ignorant people. I live in Atlanta (home of the Catfish) & these folks will have you thinking they are Warren Buffett, while going home to a studio apt w/ roommates. The goal is to be wealthy, not look it.

  2. I enjoy your videos! You do a wonderful job! I'd really appreciate if you could make a video about creating a business plan to start a cultivation co and retail store. I'm looking for ideas and how to present it

  3. I'm actually new to the youtube grind im not looking for the easiest way to generate follows but can you give me a few pointers on steps you took towards gaining subcribers please?

  4. Charlo Greene I love you’re story! I believe in everything you do I’ve watched ur videos and loved them since you stood up for ur self on air! Keep up the good work I wanna see you make millions!!! Today I’m gonna follow and check it out! I’m strarting my own channel soon and I want to blog, produce music, interview local inspiring people

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