How to make faceless videos – vlog without showing your face – J.R. Fisher

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How to make faceless videos.

A lot of people would love to make videos but are afraid of the camera. For one reason or another they just don’t want to show their faces. They may think well since I don’t want to be on camera there’s no way I can make videos! That’s just not the case. If you want to make videos and you don’t want to show your face this is the video you want to watch. I’m going to show you 10 ways to make videos without having to show your face:

01:43 Just record your screen
02:49 Through product reviews
03:34 Slide shows
04:11 Use static images
04:35 Stock images. Don’t forget to check usage rights!
07:40 Use stock videos . You could just voice over it or you could use words on the
screen along with music
07:59 Point of view video
08:38 Doodle videos
09:07 How-to videos
09:50 FANCY WORD ALERT!! → Kinetic Typography videos.
It’s actually just you talking and the words coming up on screen as you talk.

There’s probably a ton more ways to make videos out there without getting on screen but I just want to prove to you you don’t have to be on screen. It’s not ALWAYS necessary. Some people never go on screen and still managed to have a huge channel. These are just some of the ways that you can make videos without getting in front of the camera. I hope you enjoyed this video and please don’t forget to subscribe!

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3 thoughts on “How to make faceless videos – vlog without showing your face – J.R. Fisher”

  1. Thanks especially for #5. Can't wait to check out Alltime 10's for inspiration for my own channel when I get it going. BTW the reason I don't want to be onscreen is because I have a badly chipped tooth in the front. Can hardly wait to get it fixed as soon as my channel takes of with additional ways of monetization, too. The fact that I'm about 100 pounds overweight doesn't help me feel good about it either.

  2. JR—WOW!!! This video was phenomenal!!! I took notes on ALL of it! I'm going to share it in a FB group that I'm involved with on this very topic. Hopefully that will get you a ton more subs. I was very shocked to see that you had so few of them. Your content is always so good and your teaching style is fantastic! Maybe you should start putting up big cards on screen asking for subs and likes to support the channel. I've read that it REALLY makes a difference…maybe because most people just don't think to do it. They just need a little reminder. That way, more people would be blessed by your teachings!

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