How to Make Easy Online Income / Travel Full Time or Earn from Home

I am able to work online from our mobile van’s office, (hot-spotting from a local SIM card) which allows us to live very sustainably and save more money than we could with higher earnings but paying rent.
If you’ve been considering traveling or living this way, or even if you haven’t until now, we’d love to hear your thoughts! Could you travel in a van if you only worked online 15 hours a week?

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I’ve heard from multiple people that the Gogokid Interview process is facing a lot of delays. I contacted them and they said with the summer months more teachers have been applying and they have been very busy. It’s still a young company.
If you’re still interested in working an an ESL online teacher, I also work for another company called VIPkid. I have taught with them less, but that’s mostly due to my bookings with Gogokid.
VIPkid and Gogokid have a lot in common. The pay is practically the same, along with the qualifications and interview process. The main difference is that the students are generally a bit older and advanced. I really love working for them, too, but it was easier for me to pick one company and go with it.

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18 thoughts on “How to Make Easy Online Income / Travel Full Time or Earn from Home”

  1. Hi! I currently work for VIPKID & used to work for GoGoKid as well. I am putting things in place to start van life myself, and was wanting to figure out a way to continue teaching while living in the van. Can you do a video covering your class setup (lighting, background, props, reliable internet setup).

  2. Your lifestyle is something I'm aiming for. Currently I'm looking at forum posts and watching tons of video to gain knowledge on this lifestyle. I hope to gain tons of that from your videos and hopefully if I ever have any questions that you guys could answer them and help me become the van lifer I've always wanted.

  3. So I came here from the van-build vids … You guys are so real and normal and approachable and just plain nice – way different from a lot of the van YouTubers out there. I really appreciate how willing you both are to share info! (However, I was disappointed that you didn't work magnets into this video! j/k – although I still think an affiliate link to magnets would be awesome! 😉 ) Thanks for the great videos! (And my god, what great photography/videography of the locations!)

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