How To Make $100 Per Day As A BROKE Kid

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In this Video, I’ll Be Showing you how to make $100 Per Day As A BROKE Kid!

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3 thoughts on “How To Make $100 Per Day As A BROKE Kid”

  1. Damn Eric your videos are so educational. I've been researching and working my booty off but still struggling building my following. I started about 4 months ago with a few friends. We gave ourselves 90 days to try products so we know what were promoting. We each invested around $100 to try 3 different products each. We built a website on WordPress (I'm not posting the link here in the comments out of respect for your channel but email me at the address below if you wanna take a peek and ill be happy to send it to you) and we created multiple blogs on that page. We also created a FB group and business page and are hosting a giveaway allowing members to earn entries by sharing the group. Im up to about 30 members in a week which isn't horrible considering I started at zero but 30 members isn't even enough to present my blog to yet because I don't want to keep reposting the same thing and sound make my following uneasy or distrust me. Content is created but we are out of funds so ads aren't an option at the moment… I'm hustling hard, just need to figure out the traffic thing. In the mean time I'm offering helpful hints on my group and business page to offer value to my members. Wish I could come to Miami, being in Michigan feels like I'm so close yet so far away. But trust me bro I'd be front and center fan-girling like a mad woman if I could! Lol Unfortunately, at the moment I have 2 kids, $12.87 in my bank account, maybe a dollar in change in my purse, and am working as hard as possible to get out of a VERY bad relationship with their father so I can build a healthy environment for my children. Any tips you can give on traffic would be so greatly appreciated. I NEED to make money to improve my kids lives. If for some crazy reason the Big man upstairs directs your eyeballs to this comment and You feel like reaching out my direct email is God Bless Eric! You Da man!

  2. Hey Eric, Great video. Been trying to email you and FB message you as well as your support but haven't heard back and want to make sure it's received. Please let me know.

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