How To Know How You Should Hold & Record With Your Phone ~Horizontal or Vertical

How to know how you should hold your phone with recording horizontal or vertical depends on your purpose for the video. Click here to purchase a clamp to hold your phone on a tripod-

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For the most part when you’re recording video with your phone you’re going to want to hold it or have it be held on a tripod or gimbal horizontally. This will give you the full 16:9 aspect ratio and won’t give you the black lines on the sides of the video. However if you’re posting the video on InstagramTV then you need to hold you phone vertically as that’s the aspect ratio it wants to receive. Just like anything in business, you need to think with the end in mind. Are you going to be posting your videos to YouTube, Facebook and Linkedin? Then you’ll want to have your phone held horizontally. Do you want to post your video to InstagramTV, then you want the phone held vertically. If you want to post on Facebook and InstagramTV I would advise recording with your phone horizontally and then exporting a version to work for InstagramTV. I hope this alleviates some confusion about whether your phone should be held horizontally or vertically when recording.

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