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A Stunning Free SEO Agency Divi Layout for The Homepage
This is a free Divi Layout for immediate use. You can use this layout as is, or change the colours and branding to suit the agency you are using this for. Add new images and it will totally look new and different.

This homepage layout is suitable for Advertising and Digital Agencies, PPC, Marketing and PR Services, personal coaches such as Business, Fitness and Nutritionist coaches and so much more. In fact this Divi Layout is suitable for most professional services.

Just change the images, colours and copy to suit the business you are building the website for and you are away. Changing the content will create a new and fresh site. Saving you time and saving you money. And of course you can use this homepage layout as often as you want to.

*** The Modules ***
Hero Image/Header
Use the header space on this Agency Divi Layout to make a bold statement. Use a great image or follow the trend and insert a video loop. This is also the best place for a slogan that represents your core service. For SEO Agencies appearing on page 1 of Google would obviously be one element of a service provided.

You can of course have a signup block already to promote your mailing list. Don’t forget to make it a two step process and to offer a very good incentive for somebody to leave their email address for. Can be a free eBook, access to a video training course or even a voucher for PPC campaigns. It depends on how serious the client is about getting a mailing list.

*** Services ***
This is an important positioning. Immediately below the header image you can list your client’s skills and services. Great icons help you to represent each area of expertise on offer.

You can of course remove some if the SEO Agency doesn’t offer all of these services, or even add more. Remember that you can also change colours and fonts to suit the client’s branding.

Create links from the icons to inner pages to encourage visitors to explore further and to review your information in more details.

There is space under the icons for a positioning statement. What is your offer and what will the offer do for clients.

*** Grouping of Services ***
Describe the services in more details. Use the icons as is or replace with your own ones. Use short sentences to describe your services with a view to encouraging users to consider reading more on internal pages or to add a call to action button.

*** Results Animation ***
This is always a quick way to create some movement and interest and at the same time should be seen as an opportunity to show successful completion of projects and statistics. A visual testimonial so to speak.

*** Testimonials ***
Testimonials and case studies are the perfect way to create some credibility on a site. Make sure testimonials are authentic so as not to waste this important bit of real estate on your website.

*** Fees and Pricing ***
This block is perfect to show a few service and price options. Many visitors will want to know what the service will cost. Describe the offer in detail and include a price. Or alternatively use this space to discuss a longer case study or discuss services in more detail.

*** Contact ***
A contact form is important to encourage visitors to enquire for more information.

As with all components, use this free SEO Agency Divi Homepage Layout in the best way for your client or if it is your own site then rebrand and drop in your own content.

*** Why you want to download this free designed and built Homepage Layout ***

— Such a time saver. Upload to the Divi Builder use as is or change colours, images and copy for a fresh new look so much easier. No need for high-end tech skills.
— Easy to use Divi Builder makes it easy to produce really sophisticated website. Of course you do need to know how to use a Divi Builder. But overall it’s easier than coding everything by hand.
— So many free How To videos online. Check YouTube or Elegant Themes website the developers of the Divi Builder.
— Totally stuck? Get help from our Divi Experts at affordable prices. Get a Divi Expert Here
— Useful for a range of purposes from Small business sites, to Landing Pages and Charity websites

NB: You will need the Divi Builder for this layout. Get it here (affiliate link)

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