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Hope you got your Awesome Accountant Homepage in Divi Layout and are ready to build your accounting or tax client’s gorgeous new website.

This Divi Layout even has some generic accounting related copy that you can use, or of course replace with the copy provided by the client or the copy writer. Don’t forget that you can of course also change the colours. This is advisable if the client logo has quite different colours than the Divi Layout has.

The option is also to change the font. Do use web fonts though to make sure they don’t do some odd jumping around especially in responsive view. Always so much safer just to stick with web fonts. And the library of web fonts is big, so you and your client should find something they like. No more than two different fonts for a page though. It gets too busy and distracting otherwise.

*** The Modules of this Divi Layout ***
As always, and on trend, there’s a large header for a dramatic image or relevant and on theme looping video. All images and videos need to be taken by professionals. Stock photos are so overused it’s a not so good reflection on the client.

Below the Header Module you can climb straight into promoting the Accounting firm’s services. Or use this space to show credibility such as length of service, specialist offerings and use one of the boxes for a Call to Action.

The next module is an icon with short description block that serves to showcase services offered by the firm in a more fun way and of course allows the visitor once the site has been completed to click through to more information.

The next Module has space for a Case Study or longer company profile. This space is important as it is the right position on the page for a longer block of copy. Visitors will be ready by now to read a little more about the accounting firm.

Continue with the service or case study into the two following blocks. Discuss success points or use for a credibility pointer by using a testimonial from a prominent business that other visitors will know.

A block with options to show some pricing modules for monthly services. This could be any range of business. They work the best by showing three different rates for three different service offerings with the centre option being the most popular.

The Person Module is important in any business where the people are the important part. This would be for any professional firm such as accountants, lawyers, engineers or business consultants to mention just a few. These businesses depend on their people skills and it is therefore always a good idea to show off the main people on the home page.

This is followed by a space for copy which can be used for a long form testimonial or a perhaps a project that the firm is involved in as part of their social responsibility program.

Never to forget a contact form for visitors who might want to schedule a meeting or an exploratory call.

Get your Free Divi Layout for the Homepage of an Accounting firm now and have fun working with it. Use this link:

*** Why you want to download this free designed and built Homepage Layout ***

— Such a time saver. Upload to the Divi Builder use as is or change colours, images and copy for a fresh new look so much easier. No need for high-end tech skills.
— Easy to use Divi Builder makes it easy to produce really sophisticated website. Of course you do need to know how to use a Divi Builder. But overall it’s easier than coding everything by hand.
— So many free How To videos online. Check YouTube or Elegant Themes website the developers of the Divi Builder.
— Totally stuck? Get help from our Divi Experts at affordable prices. Get a Divi Expert Here
— Useful for a range of purposes from Small business sites, to Landing Pages and Charity websites

NB: You will need the Divi Builder for this layout. Get it here (affiliate link)

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