How to Hack Your Clients Email, Phone and Computer for Increase Show Rates – Fitness marketing – PT

How to Hack Your Clients Email, Phone and Computer for Increase Show Rates – Fitness marketing – PT

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So one of the biggest things I know that personal trainers hate is no-shows.

This can be even more frustrating especially when you’re starting out, or need to make bank and increase your income.

I’m Josh, and I’m a fitness business coach to trainers worldwide if you were wondering who this guy is.

After coaching trainers worldwide, being a personal trainer, i know the most frustrating thing can be when clients and prospects for consults or free sessions don’t show.

You feel used, you put aside that time for them, and yet they didn’t show.

I remember early on, that I had a client, booked in for a session, he even paid, and everything. The bloke didn’t even turn up, I called several times, sent several messages, but nothing, I seriously thought “the guy was dead” 5 days later, I get a message. Who this?

From then, I knew that my confirmation process and booking system needed to be rock solid.

I use this extra step with all my appointments, clients, and phone calls that I do. To ensure i get increase show rates, but also create a habit of schedule for my paying clients. I stop doing this with my regulars one the habit is created.

But you can use this strategy across any niche, hairdressers, nail salons, doctors, dentist anything that someone is booked in for an appointment. I even recommend Gym managers who are booking gym tours to do this.

Now this is a free hack, well it’s not even a hack, It’s a service that you have available to your right now, on your phone and computer, but many people don’t utilise it.

It’s so simple, yet 99% of most trainers and businesses don’t even use it. Hey if anything that is free and can help increase show rates, well it’s a no-brainer to use it.

Now the hack side is that you can use this as a sneaky way market your events, free talks, opening weeks to potentially increase the show rates and ensure more people show. The best thing it’s free.

To all our coaching members watching this! You are also going to use this as a part of your 11 am confirmation process as the added step to everyone you talk to.

Now before I explain this hack, there is a big warning, use this strategy, carefully. I know there are going to be people who will abuse it, but when you use this in the right way, you will see the benefits.

So use this with, purposeful intention and respect.

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