How to Get Free Golden Paint Samples

Hello, friends and fellow creators. Today, I’m unboxing my free sample kit from Golden Artist Supplies!

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Materials to make your own fluid art!

🔹 Treadmill Lubricant:
🔹 Floetrol
🔹 Cups
🔹 Stirring Sticks
🔹 Chef’s Torch
🔹 Paint Pans
🔹 Gloves

My recording equipment:

🔸 Canon T6
🔸 Lighting Kit
🔸 Tripod

Hello, friends and fellow creators!

I’m Erik Maas: a Washington-based artist creating mixed media abstract paintings that capture the human experience. Inspired by the beautiful, unique forms found in nature and the flowing tones in music, each original piece of art has a wonderful balance of texture and movement.

I have been painting, designing, and illustrating professionally for over 16 years. My art is constantly evolving with me as I experiment with new mediums and surfaces.

Thank you for joining my creative family!

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Music: sad boy with a laptop – i was lost until i met you


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