How To Find A Video Editor To Help You Create Professional Videos?

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0:50 The first thing I was really keen and also too looking out for was having a “can do” attitude. As you see this little boy at the right hand inside here, he’s really happy, he’s really “can do” type of person and I did look out for that quality. Somebody who I’m able to communicate with, somebody who I was able to do the things that I share with them and say look, this is what I’ve got here, come back to me and have it completed and made a certain deadline and being able with a creative solution as well, too. So that’s what I was looking for in a video editor.

1:36 The other thing is or the next thing is when I was looking for a video editor is I was looking for his creative ability, seeing how he comes together with his type of style in his video editing methods. I wanted to be able to see that from the videos and what I did was I just gave him one task, one simple task and it was just unedited raw videos which I sent across to him and when he came back to me, he came back with a final product or draft on how I wanted it.

2:24 And then finally, this is also enticing very well as well with creative ability is the right skill set. It’s obvious if they’ve got that creative ability who can come up with that style or that feature, or add that special effects to that video then obviously from there they’ve got to have that right skill set because in order to be able to take that ability to import and edit inside videos and to use the right software to do that, that comes as a skill. And it can take a long time to learn if you are to pick that up yourself and that’s the reason why outsourcing it to a video editor, somebody who’s got the experience can do that for you.

3:07 Now, what I want to share with you are my top tips for hiring a video editor and these tips you can take away and just keep these in mind when you’re looking for them.

3:15 So first thing I want to share with you is “hire slow, fire fast” and this is a quote from Tom Gegax which is also part of the Nightingale Conant’s collection and basically the thing is it takes a bit of time to find that right person. Don’t jump straight into it and hire the first person. Obviously trial it out, make sure you go through a process and interview a lot of people before you do hire them. That right one will come when you do see the right thing. So take your time with hiring.

3:55 The other thing is to test the professional skills. The best thing to do from my experience is I usually give them a 2 to 3-week trial period and you can go up to a month review if you wish to desire but in that period of time when you start working with them and giving them work in their probational period, you can find out whether or not they made the skill set that you’re looking for. And if they do just from the outset of showing their portfolio and to do a test that you’ve just provided for them, you can see straightaway from there whether or not they’ll be working with you long term.

4:49 And then finally make sure you check the references that they provide, that’s very, very important. Wherever they’ve worked in the past, make sure you ask their previous employer to provide some information and to look at all the previous professional and portfolio work that they’ve done and check out their references and ask how they felt that they’ve worked with their previous employer.

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