How to Extend Your MyListing Theme Listing Types

Join us as we extend listings with custom fields and other sorts of add ons.

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7 thoughts on “How to Extend Your MyListing Theme Listing Types”

  1. Hello. I'm planning to buy this theme because I need a listing theme with Buddypress. Then, I'm going to buy Youzer plugin to make Buddypress section to look better. Basically, I want a listing website with a community. There is no way for me to test it out and I couldn't find any videos. Could you create a limited user for this theme if it is still up and running for you, so I can test a few things?

  2. Greatly confused about this listing type.!!!! How to configure to create a classified ads site (free submission) . Now can this classified ads site sit side by side along with a job listing and dating listing. All free services within a gated community, but the users must necessarily provide all details via signing up/log in. (So the community as a whole knows who all are using the services.)

  3. How difficult do you think it would be to my MyListing like a dating site? Where the person browsing pays and the person registering to create a profile does not pay

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