How To Easily Add & Embed A Video To A WordPress Blog Post

See how to easily add and embed a video to a WordPress Blog Post. Need videos done for you? Connect with us-

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Adding a video to your WordPress blog is extremely easy when you use a YouTube embed code.

Click here to learn more about the embed code-

Simply copy your embed code, and then go to your WordPress account and go to your new blog post.

Switch to the “text” setting on the blog, and paste your embed code.

When you switch back to the “visual” setting you’ll see your video thumbnail and since you embedded the video in your blog, the video will play nicely on your blog around your text and won’t re-direct people to YouTube. We hope this tip helps you with your blogs and help you stay engaging!

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  1. Youtube used to allow you to … related="0" … so that embeded videos do not suggest people watch other videos on your blog or website. They seem to have eliminated this option. Is there a way that you know of to accomplish this now?

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