How to Download Procreate Brushes and How to Install Brushes in Procreate App on iPad Pro

There are a plethora of gorgeous brushes for Procreate on the market, free and for sale. Let me show you how to install brushes in Procreate for brush lettering so you can do it quickly and get to lettering!

Please note that this video is with an older version of Procreate and the video may be slightly outdated. Check out my Free iPad Lettering Course for new ways to import Procreate files and install brushes.


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How to Install Brushes (Singles)

How to Install Brushes (Multiple)


Tools I Often Use:

☛ iPad Pro 12.9″
☛ Apple Pencil
☛ Procreate App for iPad Pro
☛ Brush – Durango at
☛ Adobe Photoshop
☛ Adobe Illustrator
☛ Pen Grip: * affiliate link
☛Zip Tool app for iPad Pro:

Filming Tools:

☛ Camera: Canon G7X
Mounted to my Wall with:
☛ Ceiling Mount: *affiliate link
☛ Manfrotto Articulating Arm: *affiliate link
☛ On Screen Recording: Camtasia for Mac
☛ Reflector App for Mirroring iPad & Recording
☛ Editing Software: Camtasia or Final Cut Pro


Who Am I?

I’m an artist living in the Denver, Colorado area. I love to teach you how to do brush lettering and other graphic design tricks. Visit my website at to learn more about me, and where to buy my designs.


Let’s Be Social:

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