Hustler’s Kung Fu Payment Plans:

Everyone needs this course !!! The Money Management Course - x 6

The Hustlers LLC for single men only! - 16

The Art of Holding -legal structure for companies – 17

The Never Broke Action Pack – 5

30 Days to $2500 – 5

How to Write for Cash 4

The Child support Course – 3

Get your Free Audio Book –

The Hustler’s LLC –

The Hustler’s Kung Fu Facebook Group –

H Undergrad Basic $199.99 x 30 month

H Undergrad Prem $399.99 30 Month –

Money Management -The Basics of Finance and wealth DEVELOPMENT –

The Power of 6 Productivity course

Script your Days –

The Art of Holding –

Talk to Glendon 3 Calls $1500 –

Writing for Cash Updated Scripted Days –

Asking for the Money –

I will teach you to make money –

Craigslist Marketing Course –

The Child Support Course –



  1. hey Glendon I am new to the channel and I had a few questions how can you keep going like for say a workout but what if you can't control your schedule I am a kid and I want to achieve a basketball career bit I also want to try acting but I don't have the time how do I make sure that I can do them all

  2. I catch myself at the unit auctions in rough situations asking myself what would glendon do? Then i ask myself what would the hustler mindset help me figure out this rough situation. 3 hours to clear out before 48 hours were up. Stressed out and i found the beautiful solution in the chaotic situation because i used Heavy furniture and no truck. what did i do? Sold the furniture to the people who were about to leave from filling up their new unit for a quick $100. Thank you glendon. Because of your help and guidance life seems more clear on so many levels! Its working! The unit cost me $10.

  3. You make a lot sense. I for one have published 6 books and then suddenly got writers block. I not only came to a sudden stop, but couldn't find motivation or reasons to continue. I realize that I used a lot of anger and hate to help fuel my writing. I wanted to rise above a few people that put me down or judged me. You are right Glendon, I need to use proper motivation that is positive and continue to keep moving forward. Thanks and I subscribed. 

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