How to Develop Long Term Wealth and Happiness my Thoughts

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9 thoughts on “How to Develop Long Term Wealth and Happiness my Thoughts”

  1. the interesting thing that the haters of capitalism /income inequality hawks get right .. is the 1 percent make most of their money off of assets and investments ..which are taxxed at much lower rates ..verse labor based income

  2. I always remember when late comedian Joan Rivers said her biggest regret is not having someone to say, "remember when" with. I think a lot of us millennial are emotionally selfish and will regret not having developed meaningful relationship with others, so that when we are old we can reminisce with them saying "remember when.."

  3. People just want to build disposable businesses and live off that income for the rest of their lives. Not only that, but people don't understand that living in these united states is not for normal people, but exceptional people, hence the term American Exceptionalism.

  4. 9:00 EXACTLY. I am seeing it in austin texas and tech cities like nashville. Guys and girls hitting 35 to 40 and CONFUSED on dating, family, etc. Churches and youth groups are preaching on it "adulting" and forming "communities".

  5. truth. I am excited to see myself in 5 to 10 years. farmer loans are crazy right now if you are under 35, a woman or a minority or veteran. They are begging for you. because its not FLASHY…its steady.

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