How to design a Smugmug website to sell photos online tips and tutorial

In this video I walk through how my photography Smugmug website is setup to sell my photos online. This isn’t a full tutorial of how to setup smugmug, there are lots of those, but I have some great tips in this tutorial about how it can be designed to get more photo sales.

Link to signup for smugmug trial (with 20% discount):

Here is Stott Hunters Gallery CSS code:
Scott’s smugmug website is here:


12 thoughts on “How to design a Smugmug website to sell photos online tips and tutorial”

  1. Fascinating and very helpful video. Questions: Are you getting organic search (non paid) results? And please comment on Squarespace vs Smugmug, why did you migrate?

  2. James, this is an excellent video, very informative and just what I personally was looking for. Thanks for taking the time to put it together and double thanks for sharing it.

  3. A lot of super helpful inspiration! I've been flailing around with my SmugMug site for years. Love your ideas! I'm also wondering if you have a video about how you upload your daily photos to your blog and how it's all connected? Cheers!

  4. Great video, few simple question: What happens when someone purchase your photo? 1..Do you have to send them the photo, 2..Do you have to create an invoice, 3…Does the money go directly into your bank account? So if I was gone for a week without Internet, by using SmugMug, would it all get handled 100% with me being MIA. Thanks again for the video. Great work

  5. What package plan do you use with smugmug ?, I have started a free account but i am still trying to figure out which way to go with that, as well with the "art storefront" have you ever considered using them ?. I Like to say I hope you keep this up very informative, I am sure your channel will pick up I have seen others reference your site already. Thank you for sharing

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