How To Decide What Your Background You Should Have For Your Videos

Wondering how to decide what background you should have for your videos? We hope this video helps! Get video production done for you!

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• People ask me all the time, what should my background be and should I change my background for every video? Think about your favorite talk show. Do they change their background regularly? No they don’t. Sometimes there is a special so they may change up the background for the special or they may do an episode in a different location from time to time however for the most part talk shows will stick with their same background and you can too. As you see our background is our branded blue wall. It’s simple. We leave room for text graphics however we don’t want to add too many distractions so you can listen to me and my message to you. That’s what you need to think about as well. What is your brand and what do you want people to pay attention to in your videos? If your family is a big part of your life and possibly your business, then have a framed photo of them in the background. What’s your brand colors? Sure you can switch up the background from time to time when it’s appropriate however don’t feel like you have to. Create your set that matches your brand and stick with it. The key is to make sure your content stays engaging!

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