How to Create Twitter Bots

Create Twitter bots at

Learn how to create your own twitter bots that can:

1. Auto Reply to Tweets
2. Retweet Tweets
3. Follow Users
4. Add Users to Twitter List
5. Search users by profile
6. DM New Followers
7. Set out-of-office auto reply tweets

No programming required.




42 thoughts on “How to Create Twitter Bots”

  1. I want to filter my tweets and re-tweets which I send to a particular account. I need to get a list of my tweets/retweets weekly basis. Is there an easy way to do this ?

  2. Twitter Bots v2 is now available. A good beginner's program, however if the bot you want to create is not in the menu, you will have to learn to code in order to write the bot you want to publish.

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