How to create Facebook Ads for musicians & artists (LIVE SCREEN STEP-BY-STEP)

Some extra help regarding the Tutorial.

✅ Step-by-Step document for you to follow (With 20 FB ad Tips) –

✅ Need Access to your Spotify Data –

✅ What is the Facebook Business Manager –

✅ How to create one –

✅ How to make a Facebook fan page –

Calling all Artists, Musicians, Band Members Etc!

In this video we will be showing you how to use a data driven technique to market your music on Facebook and Instagram to your fanbase using the “FACEBOOK BUSINESS MANAGER” platform, NOT THE “BOOST” or “PROMOTE” buttons that will waste your £$€!

Within 30 minutes you will fully learn the steps needed to run a data driven ad the same way we still run some of our campaigns today that will ultimately help you surpass any fears of being a FB beginner when marketing your own music.

This is THE ONLY video on YouTube that physically shows you whats needed to market your music at a cost effective rate.

Why Us? In 2018 we ran 17 client campaigns that reached 1.3M people with 2.4M million videos views occupied with over 2.7M post engagements and 516K link clicks, All achieved with a minimal spend.

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Everything we teach to you on this page is based on our personal experiences and results. We are not responsible with how you use marketing platforms like Facebook ads or Google adswords and how much you eventually spend to get your results. Please do your own personal research on or other resource to best equipped yourself with digital marketing.


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