How to Create a Blog Website – WordPress Extra Theme Tutorial 2017

How to Create a Blog, Magazine or News Paper Website – WordPress Extra Theme Tutorial 2017
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00:00:00 Tour of Demo Blog Website
00:10:48 Purchasing Hosting & Domain Name
00:17:56 Installing WordPress
00:21:33 Installing Extra Blog Theme
00:26:09 Basics of Creating Blog
00:35:50 Creating and Adding Authors
00:40:17 Creating Advance Post No.1
01:18:08 Creating Advance Post No.2
01:37:40 Import & Export Layouts
01:42:09 Changing Home Page Design & Layout
01:47:39 Changing Categories Colors
01:48:49 Creating Menu & Mega Menu
01:50:56 Changing the Size of the Menu & Logo
01:54:22 Creating the Sidebar

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49 thoughts on “How to Create a Blog Website – WordPress Extra Theme Tutorial 2017”

  1. Bro i have 1 question and 1 request …please reply to both….been watching all your videos for long time…
    1. How would i be able to register it for adsense …as i can't see any ad space( priority )
    2. Its a request …can you provide me the paid version of this theme …will repay you ..when i ll earn


  2. Hi, on the website, I have a blog post page under the name read. I want to change the layout only on this page to be like blocks with pictures and the title below and click and open the post. I don't want to change my website's theme.

    but in few days they will be more and I don't like how this looks because I want to be shown around 10 posts then go to next page show other 10 and so on. I want to add more categories and I want them to look like that as well. how am I going to do that? This is the blog I want just the read page to change. elementor doesn't work , i tried wordpress post grid but it messed my home page so I changed it back. i watched many videos I still didn't find what I am looking for

  3. Hello. Around 1:40 you talk about having the Extra homepage layout. How can I have that?. I´m sorry but I see no information on the comments below. I would really appreciate your reply.Thank you.

  4. Hello Nayyar. Thank you for the great tutorial. Can you please let me know if you think is important or not to have a child theme for Extra? Any other information you could give on this would be helpful.Thanks

  5. hi Nayyar. congratulations for your tutorial. it's the best I found on the internet for Extra theme. I really wanted to create the posts featured in Extra website and so I'm following your tutorial again and again. Only one thing: how do you create the movement of the pasta images in the pasta post when you scroll down the page? the images move from outside to inside. it' s a beautiful motion and I really would like to create it in my posts. thank you and looking forward to your reply.

  6. What's the best theme for create a blogging website. Tell me latest paid theme name (WordPress). For news and i put my Adsense code into my site. So, please tell me What is the best theme for blogging.

  7. Hey! I like to set a static home page in my Divi Extra theme. Nevertheless, I also like to redirect visitors to the theme default homepage as well but only after they click on a page name on the menu bar. Is that possible?

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