How To Change Your Business in 30 Days | One Funnel Away Challenge

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One Funnel Away Challenge is a virtual coaching session held in 30days where Russell Brunson with two (2) of his favorite top coaches (Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian) will hold you by hand to launch your first (or next) million dollar generating sales funnel, with tasks (challenges) to be completed each day.


The One Funnel Away Challenge will arm you to teeth every resource you ever need to perfect your sales funnel and offer so you can be able to serve your REAL audience the right way and make tons of cash.

Not just money… But you’ll get to discover that the successes in life, marriage and business have a lot to do with mindset. (More on that soon)

Now some of you might be asking: “what’s the difference between 30days summit and One Funnel Away Challenge?”

Let me explain

The 30days summit is the live video interviews of the 30 2comma award winners by Russell about their plans on how they would recover after losing everything plus their step-by-step plan.

So the 30days virtual summit is part of the One Funnel Away Challenge. You get the live interviews of all the2comma award winners plus their actionable plan. In PDF, video and physical book.

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The One Funnel Away Challenge costs $100 which covers all the coaching materials, challenge kits, workbooks, bonuses, and extra training during the whole 30 days. You’ll also have access to all the pre-recorded training so you can always go back to watch. The best $100 investment of all time!



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