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With just a couple of clicks GoCentral Website Builder from GoDaddy makes it easy to make changes to your navigation bar. Watch this short video and you will be ready to make updates in minutes ore read more about how to do it here:

With a GoCentral website or online store, you can make changes to your site as often as you like.

This video shows how to change your navigation bar.
Open your GoCentral website in the designer.

Your site’s navigation bar is at the top of your Home page.
The exact location and appearance depends on the layout you chose for your home page header.

Let’s move “Lawn & Garden” next to “Home.”

Click this down-arrow, and then click Manage Pages. Here’s where you manage your pages.

To reposition a page, click on and drag the dots that are left of the page name to a new position.

The page name moves at the same time. Your change is saved automatically and appears immediately.

Click Preview to see how the change appears on your live site.

This view is how your site looks on a desktop or laptop computer—very similar to how it looks in the designer.

The Mobile view has to accommodate for the smaller screen.

To see how the pages are positioned on the Mobile view, click the three-bar icon.

To apply the change to your live site, click Publish.


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