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Change up the look of your website with a simple switch in fonts! We walk you through how to make this easy change in GoDaddy’s GoCentral Website Builder. Learn about more product features at:

Fonts have a real impact on the look and feel of a website. Learn how easy it is to change the font on your GoCentral website or online store.

First, open your site from your GoDaddy products list to see how your site currently looks. Click Edit.

In the top menu, click Theme to display the formatting tools on the right, and then click Fonts.

Here are all the fonts you can choose from. Your site’s current font is highlighted at the top of the list.

Click any font in the list and instantly see how it changes the look of your site. Try out as many as you like!

Each time you change the font, GoCentral automatically updates your site.

Whatever font appears on your site when you click Publish is what visitors will see on your live site.

Even if you don’t click Publish, the last font you clicked becomes the default font on your work in progress – at least until you change it again.

Go ahead; have fun with fonts!

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