How To Build An Email List From Scratch

If you are planning to sell anything online, your e-mail list is gonna be your number one asset.

Your email list is the list of people who have raised their hands and expressed an interest in what you’ re offering.

These are the people that you can promote your own products to or other people’s products to.

Your email list is key to the making long-term sustainable profits.
So it’s never too early to start building your e-mail list from scratch and

I’ll show you how you can do this on this week’s episode of Bernadette TV.

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4 thoughts on “How To Build An Email List From Scratch”

  1. The money is in the list! This can blow my mind man. Thanks you for the powerful content. Pretty awesome stuff. Thanks again for the worthiness you share. I'll see you at the very top!

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  2. I love that you offer such good advice on your youtube channels. My facebook and other pages were an epic fail (not good marketer I guess), and so I closed them both. I will check out that link and see what I can learn. Maybe I can manage to get on track. Thank you.

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