How to Build a LinkedIn Network

How to Build a Linkedin Network ✅Read about it here ➜

00:19 – What is LinkedIn?
00:44 – First steps on LinkedIn
01:28 – How do I build my network?
03:52 – Should I post content on LinkedIn?
05:21 – What type of content should I create?
06:16 – Adding LinkedIn to your content calendar

Small businesses have always had a need to grow revenue and increase profits, but there are other pressing needs for the average entrepreneur. Building a LinkedIn network is rapidly becoming a priority for businesses who want to grow their social reach among like-minded professionals, vendors, and a qualified workforce.

Free to use and widely accepted as a major player in the social marketing space, LinkedIn is accessible yet discerning. Anyone can set up a profile, fill out their career highlights, and start building connections for finding work or selling their wares. The intuitive interface is easy to pick up for the average internet user, regardless of experience or age.

The most serious users find that their success comes from being picky about who they connect with and what they share on the network. A platform for the benefit of business development only, LinkedIn rewards those who invest in a professional (paid) membership and uses the data they harvest in a specialized manner. While there is a good amount of banter and personal pondering, almost every topic leads back to the main reason for joining the network, business.

Do a search for a topic or area of expertise you have and look for groups that match. Most are closed groups so you’ll need to request access to the group and wait for an admin to approve it. Once you’re added, take a look at the topics the group is discussing and offer any helpful feedback you have. By contributing to group discussions, you show other members that you have skills in that area and you’re interested in helping others. You’ll build your professional reputation in the group, keep busy accepting those connection requests from others as they get to know you and your skillset better.

Writing blog posts about a subject you’re an expert on is a great way to build authority with potential connections. Sharing the articles you’ve published in other places online shows visitors that you really are an expert in your field. Comments and shares are more closely aligned with the spirit of business networking. While you’ll find the occasional spam comment or internet troll, these are outliers in a world geared to get work done. Most users have the same goals in mind.

The possibilities for growing your LinkedIn network are endless with the right connections on the platform. If you connect with even one person at an organization, LinkedIn will suggest others. The recommendation feature is one of the most intuitive of any social platform. You can also look at your current connections to see what threads you have in common. This is the perfect (and easiest) way to reconnect with anyone you’ve crossed career paths with, even if they’ve moved, changed companies, or go by a different name.

LinkedIn isn’t just for finding a job anymore. Despite being the best-known networking platform for business professionals, it’s not saturated (yet). Those who truly take the time to post to their feeds continually see good engagement and users can easily stay caught up on messages and notifications, even from those you don’t know well. NOTE

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