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BrandExpertTips. How To Build A Brand | Your Expert Branding Tips | Using Google Trends Marketing Strategy

Hello and welcome to your Branding Advice Centre with How to Build a Brand. Now today’s advice is on how you can do continual research to find out what your customers really want using a certain tool, which I’m going to uncover here. In this article I’ve got a great few things that you can do, so do read this because there are some things in here that will give you some more tips about how you can actually use it as well. That thing is the Google Trends Tool.

Whether you’re a small business, new business, big business, or been in business for years or just 20 minutes, it doesn’t matter, even if you’re about to start a business, this is a fantastic tool for you. The reason is, is that it can tell you what people really want right now. It has its finger on the pulse of what people are searching for on the internet to provide them the solution for whatever problem they might have, business or pleasure or personal issues they might have, it’s something that you can use to find out what they want. I’m talking about anything. It could be in business, someone looking for the right accountant, certain service they’re looking for to help them, someone to help them get more sales in their business. From a personal point of view, it could be simply someone who’s trying to find the right place to get shoes, a certain fashion of shoes, the right car. Google Trends keeps track of all the searches that are made on the internet and it’s a great way to find out exactly what your customers are looking for, too. That’s why it’s great, however long you’ve been in business or whether you haven’t even started yet, because you can find out right now what people are looking for.

So how does the Google Trends Tool work? It takes those keywords that people have used right back as far as 2004 when it was first brought out and you can start to look at how many times people are searching for certain things and see what the trends are, literally in a graphically format, across different periods of time to see where things are happening.

Just to give an example, try typing in something like a pop star that you like, it could be anything from Justin Bieber to Robin Williams, whatever it is, into the Google Trends Tool. What it will show you is how much information there is about them and how much people are searching for them in a certain period of time on a sort of graph view. You can see whether they’ve hit a peak and started to drop down or they’re still on a rise or they’ve sort of kept a sort of level, pulsing sort of level of interest and that goes for your service as well and the solution that people are looking for. You can find out if that trend has changed so you can find out first of all, are you providing something that’s no longer needed or are you providing something that is needed but the way that people are finding it and what the terms they’re using to search for it have changed over time and that means that you can adapt your business around that to make sure that you’re always found regardless of how those trends change. So it’s a very, very useful tool.

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