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As you build your brand and grow your business would you agree with me that your investment of time and money in your branding means that every touch point your potential customers and clients must be measured and accounted for?

A major part of your branding is your website, but are you getting what you want out of all the effort you have put in to develop that online presence of your brand? Is your website converting what it should? How do you know? You know how important it is to achieve a good conversion from any marketing that you do. When you send out emails or direct mail you expect some sort of response and return on your investment, right? Your website is no different. And you can measure whether it is engaging as many as it should and your brand is getting the respect it deserves. This is one of those KPI (Key Performance Indicator) business growth measurement statistics that your business needs.

Within Google Analytics, which is a FREE and very powerful, versatile tool, you can analyse all sorts of things and one of those elements you really want to know about is “Bounce Rate”. In this video I show you where on your Google Analytics dashboard you can find this measurement. I provide screenshots and describe just how important this measurement means. Better still I demonstrate what this means and what you can do when you know the bounce rate in your website.

In short it is measured in percentage and relates to the percentage of website visitors that land on a page in your website (any page) that react in a certain way. Would you like to know? Check out this video for more information on how you can measure your website’s bounce rate and get the most from your analytics. Get in tune with your online “sales person” and make sure it is giving you the return you deserve.

As you build your brand we will be helping with more great tips and advice to help you to grow your business and be the LEADER in your industry. We want to help you get the most out of your efforts by giving you great pointers on how to build your brand quickly and effectively so that you can save time and reap the rewards that you have been striving so hard for. With so many aspects in business that we have to be responsible for, isn’t it great to have a little help along the way.

Please let us know if this help and advice Sammy and I are giving you is helping you along your journey. Please let us know if you have any questions or queries we can answer so that we can bring more value to you.

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