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[How To Build A Brand | Right people in YOUR business | Small Business Marketing]

Hello and welcome to your Branding Advice Centre at How to Build a Brand. Today’s advice for small business marketing and branding strategy is on the company that you keep, upgrade now.

Okay, so what are we saying here? Well, basically, if you think about the company that you keep outside your business, you can probably realise that the kind of people you hang around with are the kind of person that you are, and the kind of person that you aspire to be will be the people that you want to be hanging around with. This has come to light so often and we have found it so much in our business that it doesn’t matter whether it’s in a personal, family, or whatever it might be, the circles that you hang around with, the influences that they have upon you as a person, really do change things in your life and it can change things in your business, too.

This particular piece of advice is upgrade the company you keep in business. When you are looking for something to help you grow your business, build your brand, don’t go cheap. Don’t go and get someone who doesn’t have the expertise that you need because guess what? It’s either going to bring you lower from where you were positioned as an expert in your industry, or it’s going to keep you where you are and actually restrict you, give you a glass ceiling that you can’t see, but it’s actually stopping you move forward.

When you improve the company you keep, whether it’s people who are helping with your branding, like I am today, somebody who is helping to build your website, somebody who is helping you to do your bookkeeping or your accounting, it doesn’t matter what it is, when you don’t get the right service, it will really affect your bottom line on the business because it costs you both in time and money in the long run. This is not good small business marketing or branding strategy. There will come a point when you’re thinking about your brand, and you want that absolutely right from the beginning, there will come a point, if you haven’t sought out the right designer and the right advice to get your strategy absolutely nailed for the target audience that you want to attract, that once you’ve built your brand or once you’ve designed it, once you’ve applied it to your website, to your literature, to your social media channels, wherever your brand can be seen, even on your product itself if you sell product, there is a point where it’s too late. The kind of people that you’re attracting is because of the brand itself and the branding communication that you are transmitting across all the channels that you have.

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