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No matter what stage you are at on your business growth journey, this 1 Hour Intensive Brand Audit with Sammy Blindell is a power-packed session that will give you the next best strategic steps to move your business forward in the right way first time.

Listen to this video to find out what Maaike Frankena got from going through the Brand Audit process and here’s what Kezia Luckett also said about her recent Brand Audit with Sammy:

“Having run a previous business and spent thousands rejigging my branding, colours, etc. I thought having a session with Sammy on my new business would be worth the time and money. However, nothing prepares you for a one to one session with Sammy! Oh my dear God, what I gained our session was priceless. This gives just a small glimmer of what I walked away with:

1. My values – I have been so misguided here by my own thoughts. But today I am crystal clear on my three top values and what they mean to my clients, my business and all my literature moving forward.
2. The colours for my image, logo and website with exact Pantone references.
3. Clarity on my target market.
4. A clear vision of my ideal client.
5. Marketing ideas to kickstart my campaign.
6. Understanding of my specific strategy.
These are just a few things crammed into this mind blowing interaction. Like I say, I’m not a newbie to building a large business. However, this really is a must for everyone who is serious about building a stable, focused and profitable business.

I highly recommend this session with Sammy and will be investing in the Brand Builders Club too.”

This audit really is a great step for you at EVERY STAGE of your business, as it has helped thousands of other business owners, just like you, to boost brand awareness, enhance credibility, reduce wasted time on marketing that won’t work for you specifically and increase cash flow.

What is the brand audit process?

Before your call with Sammy on Zoom (an online video conferencing tool that you will be given a special link to join), Sammy will spend 30 minutes going through all the answers you give her to the pre-audit questionnaire and values activity that you’ll receive beforehand.

Then during your session together, Sammy will give you advice and cover any points you bring to the meeting, as well as:
– Your brand values
– Your company colours
– A colour guidelines sheet, showing your exact Pantone colour references
– Suggestions for your logo (whether you have one or you are starting from scratch)
– Suggestions for your website (whether you have one or you are starting from scratch)
– Clarity on your ideal target market
– A clear vision of how to target your ideal customers
– An immediate strategy with marketing ideas to kickstart your campaign
– Introductions to any connections we have that will help you to move forward
– A recording of your session, so you can review it at any time

This full Brand Audit service is just £297 + vat – a fraction of what you will make back when you implement the advice and training Sammy gives you during the call. As soon as your payment has been made, your Brand Audit will be booked into Sammy’s diary.

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