How to boost your Local SEO traffic – 21 proven content ideas

Publishing content on your website is key if you want to drive Local SEO traffic. But what should you publish once you’ve described your services, your location and a contact us page.

If you’re not sure, watch the video in which i go through 21 content ideas you can use to boost your visibility in search engines.


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35 thoughts on “How to boost your Local SEO traffic – 21 proven content ideas”

  1. Hey Luc,
    was hoping you could give me some SEO advice on something: some time ago i read somewhere that content in tabs or accordions is not detected by search engines. Is this still true? Has it ever been true?


  2. That was a very powerful set of ideas, that is extremely useful for me from 2 points of view: one- as a business owner, manager and digital marketing consultant; second – like a normal human, typical persona on the web, a wwvo (worldwide very open) adventurer. I will start with pros from perspective 1: All ideas are based on trends I love: focus on local rankings; UX; Social proofs; Story-telling. Moreover, they let your website to play a crucial role by pre-qualifying leads during the stage, when a visitor is only conducting research, without special need to buy something. It saves time and effort needed for customer acquisition, which occurs sometimes as a waste of resources. Additionally – those ideas help in organizing data and giving the content appropriate structure, with an occasion to attach pictures and videos, all in the form, that is not overloading the main pages of the business website, and yet let visitors to make those ideas shareable. Now second perspective: those ideas cover the hero journey in all stages (before, during and after); they let the business owner change the role from a salesperson to a story-teller, an advisor, a judge, a whistle-blower, a trip guide, a "retired" hero 🙂 I fell in love with a dream of making such content, as I feel as a story-teller and a persona, who is listening to that story like an impatient kid, who wants to know everything: Is the journey worth the efforts? How to find out, where I am? What awaits me in the future? What will I need? What tools can I use? What abilities should I train before? How to achieve something and avoid something else? Who are other heroes in the story? Who are the monsters? How to recognize both of them? How many steps should I take to get there? What other quests should I expect? And – as a kid, those ideas all together let me behave like a kid, saying: Why should I believe you? Who else heard your story and is still alive? Show me a 10.000 feet perspective so I can see better. Show me a snapshot too, so I can feel it like I was there already. But don`t think I`m ready now, I will consider it tomorrow, now I am sleepy and need to go to bed… As I say: a great piece of content you gathered, it became a box of boxes for tools, so I will keep it folded in the pocket, easy to reach when I want… Thank you!

  3. A great resource Luc. I am sure there are many website owners or web designers who go 'blank' when needing to write content. I will certainly benefit from using your suggestions….
    Many Thanks
    George T.

  4. LUK DURAND IS MY MAN, I've taken all of his advice's, try to understand and be part of future technology to the rest of my life, I've even just create a YouTube channel to follow my progress. My vlogs due to drop in next days, I would love some support / feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out. Peace and love.

  5. Thanks for the hints and tips. It astounds me that although i receive nearly all my clients from referrals from other therapists, many others receive clients due to marketing only IE it really doesn't matter how 'good' they are just how good their marketing is.

  6. great video… hi you made a video last year about unwanted photos on google business account…i have this same issue and the unwanted picture isn't just posted in the reviews it is also the first picture that comes up on my business page when searching for local florist in my area. 
    my question is, if i can not get the picture removed can i atleast change it from being the main picture that advertises my business. when you directly search my business page the right profile picture appears, but when searching for local florist in my area the unwanted picture appears to be my business profile picture. please help

  7. Hi, Can I add Questions and Answers in Google My Business by myself? I mean I will ask the Questions and I will Answer the Questions? I thought I can make it like an FAQ Page. is that good or bad for SEO. Thanks a lot

  8. Hi, the question is regarding Google My Business: Can I add the same post for all location (if I have 5 physical address) for the same service, or it's bad for SEO

  9. Great tips and advices as always. Your YouTube channel helped me a lot. But now I have other problem – how to detect bad backlinks? I know that is off topic a little bit, but I really need answer for that question. Is there any tool you could suggest me, or some technique? Thanks in advance.

  10. I don't know if anyone has already mentioned this, but it looks like your green screen is too close behind you. If you can move it further away, the lighting in front of you falling on you, won't also fall on the background and reflect green back onto your head. If you do this, then you can use a more aggressive value in your editing software to eliminate the green and get a cleaner look. You should also light the background independently of you so you have two zones of light that do not overlap each other. For the lights on the background, you can put something black (known as a 'flag') on the side of the light closest to you to stop light from hitting you as well as the background. This could be black card or a matt black fabric. If when stood in your working position for the video, you turn around, look back at the lights on the background, and can see the face of the lights, then you need to block that view. If I were doing a family photo shoot in a studio (so not a green screen), I would separate the two zones in this way, but in my case it would be to reduce light spill from the background and therefor increase contrast.

    Your lights look a little bit low too. Low lighting pointing up is more associated with an unnatural ghoulish look (light under the chin and eyebrows), whereas lighting in front and above slightly is more natural.

    Give me a call if you like, I'd be happy to help after learning from your great videos.

  11. Hey Luke,
    Awesome Tips. These tips are very helpful while designing a website or for any digital marketing activities.
    You are really awesome teacher. Your language and way you speak is really simple and easy to understand.
    Keep it Up.

  12. I watch your all videos regularly. You are amazing. I m from India, there are many experts even nail Patel or backlinko but I don't understand them.
    Really deserve you a "big thank you sir" 🙂

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