How to Boost Your Halloween and Holiday Sales

How to Boost Your Halloween and Holiday Sales
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Some might say that Halloween is the most exciting holiday of the year. Spooky costumes, carving pumpkins, and ghoulish makeup galore! But truth be told, there’s more to this holiday than just playing dress-up and handing out candy. If you’re a marketer, you can bank on Halloween sales because Americans are looking to spend the big bucks this year.

00:30 – Your customers want to spend money on holidays
01:45 – Give your customers a reason to buy
03:00 – Creating sharable social media content
04:43 – Have a contest or event

Prepare and start selling holiday deals at least 2 weeks ahead
In order to catch the early sales, online retailers need to prepare for holiday sales as soon as possible. Get your inventory bulked up, promotions ready, store decoration finished and everything else done and up at least 2 weeks before the holiday. The ideal is to become your customer’s top-of-mind choice when they think about where to shop/search for the holidays.

Decorate your store with a spooky look and feel
Designing some thrilling images on the homepage, installing themed add-ons, sending HTML emails are all easy and cost-saving ideas to prepare a spooky look for Halloween to impress your visitors.

Run flash and urgent discount promotions
Holiday season is the best occasion to run promotional deals and get the highest conversion rate. On these events, shoppers are eager to shop, especially online buyers, as deals and offers are everywhere and they have so many choices to compare.

Free shipping
It would cost you a little bit, but free shipping is a must policy on holiday season if you want to win sales over competitors. Nearly 60% of shoppers are willing to add more products to their cart to qualify for free shipping. This strategy will also increase your average cart value, boosting revenue up while lowering delivery costs. Shipping fees can also be figured into pricing too so it doesn’t cost the retailer.

Invest in sharable content on social media
Social media are good channels to engage and impress customers, especially on peak sales seasons. Prepare facebook posts or tweets with engaging content and teasing images days before Halloween. You should use popular and trending hashtags to make your posts more reachable. Run small Halloween contests that can go viral to get your store widely known via social word of mouth. If you have Instagram or Pinterest, build a spooky products gallery to impress your followers. Remember that both Instagram and Pinterest are quick-growing e-commerce social platforms and these are 2 potential channels for you to drive sales on holiday season.

Sales do not come in just because it’s the season and people are supposed to shop like crazy. Online shoppers are smart and careful, especially when they can do all the search and comparison transparently online. You need to push your sleeves up and start preparing for the big days right away. Before implementing the six tips above, learn your customer’s needs for this holiday and then fill up your stock. No matter what promotions or advertisements you run, you can only win the game if you start with your customers.

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