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Customize your GoCentral site by adding new website sections for additional content, images and more! Changes save automatically, so you never lose your work. Learn more about GoCentral at

Your website should handle all the information you want to share, right? This video shows you how to add sections in GoCentral Website Builder and make them your own.

When you first get your GoCentral site, it’s one scrolling page divided into sections: a Header, About Us section, Subscribe field, Contact Us form, and a Footer. If you bought the Online Store plan, you also have a Featured Products section.

All of these sections can be customized and—except for the Header and Footer—removed.

To add a new section, open your site in the designer tool. Scroll to where you want the new section located. Let’s add one between About Us and the Subscribe form. Click the plus sign to display section choices on the right.

Let’s add a Content section. Click Content and then click one of the layout options.

Instantly, the new section is on your site and in your Sections menu.

To customize your new section, click a piece of placeholder content and use the editing tools on the right to make your changes – which, by the way, are saved automatically. No hunting around for a Save button.

To see how your new section will look on your live site, click Preview.

If it needs more work, just click Edit. Like what you see? Then click Publish.


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  1. Dear godaddy, I bought the domain that also belongs to me by law, when I want to renew it, they indicate that the registration is now premium and I have to pay an extremely high amount. Please, I need you to solve the problem and recover my domain, a trademark that is registered with you and is legally registered. I have already started the legal procedure because they do not give me a solution by phone. Please do not take this situation to major, please ask me to solve it. Thank you!

  2. It seems like on this new website builder, I can't figure out how to add RSS feed or a share this page link and stuff like that, there used to be tabs for this on the older version but now there isn't?

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