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Engage your website visitors with eye-catching photos and images. We walk you through the steps for how to add on your GoCentral website. Learn more about GoCentral at:

This video will show you how to upload your own photos to your GoCentral website.

First, open your site.

The quickest way to work with any photo in GoCentral, is to click directly on the photo. When you click on a photo the section in which it displays opens up in the right-hand panel.

Stock Images are those that came with your GoCentral purchase. My Images are those that you upload yourself.

Let’s upload an image.

Click My Images; click Add and then browse to the folder where photo is. Select the photo and click Open.

The newly added photo is highlighted green in the right hand panel, and displays on the left. When you’re finished, click Done.

That’s it!


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