How Entrepreneur Brian Pedone is Making Boxing Accessible for All | School of Hustle Ep 50

In episode 50, School of Hustle chats with Brian Pedone, founder and CEO of Quiet Punch. Brought to you by GoDaddy.

As an instructor at his own boxing gym, Brian loved slipping his gloves on to give others an intro to the sport that gave him so much. Wanting to expand his teaching beyond the walls of his gym, he combined his rigorous work ethic and love for boxing to launch Quiet Punch. The portable boxing bag easily mounts in a doorway for at-home workouts and is the perfect solution for someone with limited space or mobility add some movement into their day. Quiet Punch has even made an impact in the physical therapy world, providing accessible at-home fitness for individuals with Parkinson’s and autism. Brian shares how his business got its start, the most rewarding part of his job and what’s on the technological horizon for Quiet Punch.

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