How Do YouTubers & Influencers Make Money?? PART 1 | BiancaReneeToday

How do Youtubers and Influencers get paid?? Today I’m going to break it all down so you have a better understanding of how to profit from your channel and/or how you can better support the people you follow!

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16 thoughts on “How Do YouTubers & Influencers Make Money?? PART 1 | BiancaReneeToday”

  1. To answer your question about how many products I HAVE BOUGHT BECAUSE of you compared to a commercial. Wow, I would say 99 percent of all my products is because of you MzBiancaRenne and other YouTubers influences.

  2. What about your viewers with Premium YouTube/Google accounts? I personally hate ads, therefore I refuse to watch them. So my premium account allows me to enjoy YouTube ad free!!! Just curious if the premium accounts are hurting you guys? Although, I watch so much YouTube, that my views are probably making up for the no ads.

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