How a Former Marketing Maven and a Nobu Chef Opened Bellevue’s First Poke Bar

Entrepreneurs Bee Meas and Kevin Singharaj kick back with Shawn Pfunder to talk about launching one of Seattle’s first poke bars. Enter to be on the show at

Feeling unsatisfied with their career paths, cousins Bee and Kevin were each looking for their next step in life. Bee wanted the freedom and flexibility of owning your own business, and Kevin was ready to be a chef somewhere he could call his own. They teamed up to break into the food business, opening up Mix Poke Bar in Bellevue, Washington. Their fresh and authentic poke bowls were a smash hit, and a Tacoma location soon followed. Bee and Kevin enjoy a brewed cocktail as they detail their journey to start a restaurant and give advice for anyone who has the itch to be their own boss.

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3 thoughts on “How a Former Marketing Maven and a Nobu Chef Opened Bellevue’s First Poke Bar”

  1. Love the journey that these cousins shared! It’s a blessing when family can work together to make a dream happen. Wish we could have heard more about their ups and downs in their leap of faith. Very well done!

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