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10 thoughts on “Hotel Kiosk”

  1. The nicest way to create a kiosk I have found is a wayland compositor called "cage". It simply starts an application and displays its window fullscreen and also handles (and fullscreens) any application started after the initial one. It supports pop-up windows (which are not displayed fullscreen) as well as XWayland, so basically every application is supported and it is also un-escapable, since by default it only exits if all open applications are closed. Since it is often easier to create a simple web-app than a dedicated application, I recommend the "surf" webbrowser, which has no user interface. Setting up surf with cage is incredibly simple.

  2. I too have experience with the kiosk type things. We used to have those terminals at Uni where you could use your student ID card to login to a kiosk interface that had all your personal information and a way for you to pay fees. They had a touchscreen and a keyboard (vandalism proof full metal keyboard)… The kiosk application could be crashed with a few interactions and you were left with a full Windows desktop.

  3. It's the same reason you hear about these hacks done to major corporations, where all this personal data becomes available. These guys don't actually know what they're doing, and they hire folks who really aren't qualified to handle security and such. Every time I hear about a security breach, it turns out the exploit which allowed it was a script-kiddie type exploit. Some weak password stored in the clear, or hashed passwords stored without pre-salting, etc.

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