Home Care Marketing on Facebook – 5 Tips for Better Results

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Home Care Agencies: 5 Facebook Tips for Better Engagement

The Problem: You are not a Facebook expert. Most home care agency owners aren’t!
Your expertise is in home care. So when it comes to Facebook, what are the best and easiest practices that you can implement (or assign to someone in your office) that generate engagement, conversations, and LEADS?

Tip 1: Post Content to Your Blog First and THEN Post the link to Facebook
Why? You want consumers in your local area going back to your website again and again so that they SEE your services, your contact information, and your offers. Always post to your “blog” and let that blog post get distributed to Facebook. Don’t post directly to Facebook all the time…no one will be redirected back to your site!

Tip 2: Always Include Photos, the larger the better!
Why? People love photos. Posts WITH interesting or fun photos are always liked, clicked, and commented on more than just text.

Tip 3: Include Educational Articles and Fun, Easy Content
Why? All serious all the time is BORING! Provide some educational content and some fun cute content. After all, senior care doesn’t have to be serious and boring. Mix it up! Show some personality.

Tip 4: Build Up Your Fans by Asking Everyone to “LIKE” Your FB Business Page
Why? Why not? At some point everyone will know someone who is having an elder care issue. Be the connection that helps someone else in your area. Be the source of advice. Be the home care agency they turn to! Make sure you have as many fans as possible on your Facebook Business Page.

Tip 5: Boost Your Posts on Facebook to Your Local Audience
Why? Boosting a post is the same as paying Facebook to make SURE your content is being seen by people in your local area. There’s a really high chance that without BOOSTING (for as little as $5 by the way) most people will never see your important content. It’s a cheap and easy way to make sure your content is being seen.

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