High Ticket Sales For Coaches And Consultants

High Ticket Sales For Coaches And Consultants

Want more high ticket sales using facebook or event to sell with linked in or you tube selling?
Great! Selling high ticket coaching services or selling high ticket consulting is easy if you are positioned as an expert or even as an authority.

There is a simple 4 part process to position yourself as an authority and have people choose to work with you instead of selling

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Hey, Chris here.

Welcome to my world
I know we are just getting to know each other
so I want to start off by bringing massive value to you (I hope that is OK)

I’ve prepared a series of short videos filled with actionable steps
That myself and my clients have used to bridge the gap from 6 to 7 figures
I have spent 13 years building businesses and through it all, there
Was 1 big shift that really made the difference, on this first video I explain this
Shift and go into detail on a few miss-truths about what it takes to be a highly successful business owner.

On the next video I go into the 5 phases of your business and the
4 rarely mentioned building blocks that make it all work

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