GoDaddy Reseller Program – An Overview

With the GoDaddy Reseller Program, you can make money selling GoDaddy products – right from your own website and under your own brand. For more information, visit

You work hard helping your clients succeed. But did you know that you can provide even better services for them – and make more money doing it – by joining the GoDaddy Reseller Program?

As a reseller, you’ll sell GoDaddy’s products to your customers – right from your own website and under your brand.

You choose which products you want to sell so you can offer your clients exactly what they need – and control your commissions by setting your own markups, rates and promotions.

The program allows you to use our pre-built, mobile-optimized and customizable storefront. But if you want more advanced capabilities, our WordPress plugin lets you build your own storefront, complete with GoDaddy domain search result functionality and payment processing.

We also offer great promotions on GoDaddy products to help you drive sales.

All reseller plans include automatic delegation into customer accounts so you can make purchases and manage products on your customers’ behalf.

You can process payments with a white-label version of the GoDaddy cart – no need to set up a merchant account. And robust reporting helps you keep track of everything.

Need help? We offer dedicated customer support for both you and your customers – around-the-clock. Support for your customers is white-label, and the reps will even upsell products on your behalf!

Take your business to the next level.

Sign up to become a GoDaddy reseller today.


6 thoughts on “GoDaddy Reseller Program – An Overview”

  1. Im not able to change the Pricing. please suggest me how to OPT OUT from global pricing.

    Almost 7days passed away. but the message appears as It may take up to 48 hours for these changes to take effect
    Your currency preference or product pricing is being updated. Further updates are disabled while these changes take place. It may take up to 48 hours for these changes to take effect. These time frames are estimates and not guaranteed.

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