Global Domains International Affiliate Warning 2013 Top Global Domains International sponsor Russ Howe reveals the key facts on why most affiliates fail in GDI. You should not join an online business unless you are actually serious about becoming your own boss, as most affiliates fail to make any money with their GDI business.

After five years using the GDI business, we are proud to be recognized as the world’s number one team of sponsors in this internet based home business opportunity, however during this time we have seen countless people fail and in today’s video we want to show you the several key reasons why.

How can some sponsors succeed in changing their lives, such as ourselves, whereas many others fail to get started at all? Today world leading affiliate Russ Howe reveals how:

* Most GDI affiliates receive no help, training or support from their upline at all.

* Around 90% of members fail to make any money online.

* Over 80% of new members have no idea how to promote or build their business on the internet.

* Most members make the mistake of trying to tell friends and family about their GDI business instead of finding people who are actually interested.

* The replicated websites GDI provide are not effective any more.

If you are seriously going to join GDI you are surely looking to make the absolute most of it. To do this, you have to be serious about becoming your own boss. Ignore hype from sponsors who promise instant easy success, they are the reason so many affiliates get nowhere in GDI as they have no idea how to build their business.

Now that you know where most affiliates go wrong in this established home based online business, if you are serious about building a secondary income join the team at the official Join GDI website above and you’ll receive the full WS Affiliate Network marketing system which helped us to become the top worldwide team in the business and build a five figure online income in our spare time.


13 thoughts on “Global Domains International Affiliate Warning 2013”

  1. You guys should check out this EXTRAORDINARY website called FIREPA.COM . You can make money online and start working from home today as I am! I am making over $3,000+ per month at FIREPA.COM ! Visit and check it out! How does the form interact the laughable digestion? How does the industry entertain the slim judge? The butter saves the fire.

  2. Hi there,
    You get the entire system. Head over to the JoinGDI website we've set up and you can log in from there, there are capture pages, autoresponders, resource guides, complete stats on where your hits are coming from, etc.


  3. .. (continued) but it comes down to your drive. My sponsor never had it, but I did, so I just quietly went about doing my own thing and before long it built up. I'd advise against an online business if you can't comfortably afford the cost though, I made that mistake, it's a long-term thing of course. Ultimately though, anybody can do it, the system works, the tips are proven, the results are there, there's no reason you can't.


  4. Hi there,
    It sounds like I have been in a very similar situation to you (watch the vid on the 'Meet Russ' page of my blog RussHowe .com) The thing I learned about GDI is that a poor sponsor is more valuable than a good sponsor, at least starting out, because it shows you what NOT to be like. That's what I learned from that experience anyway. It's not uncommon in GDI for people not to help others, that's why we put up our system with tutorials, etc. Anyone can succeed (I'm a gym instructor..)

  5. GDI in itself is a business, pays you monthly income for growing your GDI business. But you can also use the products they give you to setup your own site, too, for example I set up my fitness business from there.


  6. Love this video Russ, have shown this to 4 of my friends already today and they all agree you're spot on with the point. Most people just want you to join GDI, it's refreshing to see someone asking ppl to slow things down, not get caught up in the excitement of 'possible earnings' and make good decisions which pay off down the line. Killer GDI video, love your honest approach, pleasure to work with people like you.


  7. I wish more people would think this clearly before joining Global Domains International. I made the same mistake when I first joined two yrs ago of course. Think clearly, set your long term plan and most importantly don't join a team promising money for nothing. Love it Russ, you're regarded as a top sponsor for obvious reasons my friend.

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