I was so incredibly fed up after seeing a tweet today by James Charles that I had to make this video immediately. I wanted to put a lot of thought in to my Secret World of Social Media Influencers series, but after what I saw today, I couldn’t wait.

In todays video I explain to you about social media marketing from an Influencers perspective, as well as from the perspective of someone that works in marketing and has seen first hand the way that Influencers avoid disclosing their sponsorships in order to get paid more.

It is NOT ok to accept a brand sponsorship and fail to disclose that what you are saying is a paid endorsement. It’s even WORSE to accept a sponsorship to purposefully shed negative light on another brand, in order to benefit the brand that is paying you. YES, this DOES happen.

I hope you understand what i’m trying to address in todays video, and that there are some people online that are constantly breaking the law and getting away with it, because of how difficult it is to police things like sponsorships.

I highly recommend you watch this video by Marlena Stell –
My Truth Regarding the Beauty Community:

Here is the original Instagram post I was reading out:

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I'd like to thank @marlenastell for having the courage to publish a YouTube video exposing what's going on behind the scenes in the cosmetic industry. I've attempted to shed light on the mobster-like behavior of top-level beauty influencers and their management… and I've been accused of jealousy, called a liar and hater. FACT: A brand I consulted with asked me to inquire about working with a top-level beauty influencer. The influencer's management offered me these options: 1) $25K – product mention in a multi-branded product review. 2) $50K-$60K – dedicated product review (price determined by length of video). 3) $75K-$85K – dedicated negative review of a competitor's product (price determined by length of video). 4) A minimum 10% affiliate link or code to use on IG and YT. Yes, option #3 is legit – payment to damage the competition's business. I told you it was mob-like behavior. The demands and threats of "influencers" and their management have GOT TO STOP. The lack of disclosure by top-level influencers is FRAUD and it's time for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to step in, start charging fines and shut this bullsh*t down. To the followers/subs who STILL refuse to believe their idols are thugs – pull your head out of your favorite beauty influencer's ass and SEE what's actually going on in this industry. #beautyinfluencers #fraud #FTC #makeup #makeupeducation

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This is also worth a read:





  1. I only am subscribed to a few people that I really watch. I love how you and one of my other favs cristine drop the tea. I love how open and honest you guys are. Plus you both also have daily jobs which I think shows that your channels are more for fun and doing things you love, rather than racking in as much money as possible. That's what keeps me coming back for more….oh and of course archie lol

  2. Alex I would love to talk to you about your marketing career. I have a degree in marketing as well but I have not been fortunate to follow my career path. I have been stuck in sales but I want to become a CMO

  3. I am really sad because now when I watch everyone I will think they are lying, no matter how many times they say how "honest" and "truthful" they are. Youtube just went straight down the hole

  4. I can't STAND James Charles. He's a lying narcissistic infant who needs to learn how to tell the truth and if he can't learn that then he needs to be cancelled. I thought Jeffree Star already got rid of him but he just keeps coming back… sad. And I LOVE your videos dear so PLEASE don't take my feelings for James personally. He's just so damn full of himself and just as that tweet proves he's a liar… you KNOW he knows about this… he's been OFFERED these things.. and he's NOT honest… he's been proven to be a LIAR. But i will never stop watching you and archie and you are free to feel however you want about James… that's none of my business actually. I just have my own personal feelings about him because of what I've SEEN and HEARD him say and be involved in. But you my dear are just the sweetest thing and I love watching your videos and so does my 15 year old daughter so keep up the great work !! Archie's the best !!

  5. I really enjoyed this video as someone older trying to learn about the influencer space it was very helpful. I've share it to my 2.5 (two and a half people in total lol) followers on LinkedIn for others like me. Thanks I'm watching the other 2 now.

  6. I hate when the actual personality of a youtuber is formed after watching most of their video…now I know you're selfish, condescending and passive aggressive..but ill keep watching for the bird

  7. You're so smart. I genuinely find you interesting. Ik that sounds weird lol but I mean I would LOVE to learn more from you….. I've been wanting to start a youtube channel, prolly wouldnt become famous but of I ever did this is the kinda stuff I'd like to be aware of!! I think its awesome that you're upfront and wanting to share what you know to make people more aware of what's really happening!!! And because of Archie I've also been looking more into parrots and learning more about them!!! For no other reason then I love them and find them facinating!!! Glad I found your channel… ❣

  8. Can anybody please really please tell me where to find this influencers plataforms????? I am very new as a youtuber and a verry small one and I know nothing about that!!! Please, and thank you for your help!!!!

  9. Oh dear.

    James Charles ain't no "influencer" any decent human being should ever support or idealize, and genuinely no offense intended, but the very reasons listed here (among others) are why I actively refuse to be influenced by any "influencer," whether their platform is social media (Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, FB, etc) television (reality or otherwise) or whatever the Hollywood cause célèbre is this week… NOPE.

    If you want to make informed decisions, then think for yourself and do your own research. That's all you have to do. I do support and applaud people with scruples, morals, and standards, especially when they are in a position of power and/or influence, but I will never be a blind follower (and, besides, I don't believe a good, honest influencer would ever want their audience/subscribership to do that, anyway.)

    It's awesome there are people out there (like Alex) who won't be bought and aren't afraid to call bull on the behind the scenes, um… well, tbqh, what's going on back there isn't simply underhanded and/or unscrupulous, but actually illegal in most countries, and there definitely needs to be a better way to police it. But for now, getting the word out is a great start, and I reiterate: think for yourself and do your own research! Like Alex said, if you really pay attention to these influencers, you can pretty much suss out the real-real from the lying-for-cash set, easy-peasy.

  10. that skinny tea is just a laxative tea. You drink it you run to the bathroom every 20 minutes. I don't see why you would want to suit your insides out like that but ok. You do you.

  11. James is absolute scum. He knows hes taken money to bash companies just like hes taken money for positive reviews… When will he ever go the fck away… i cant stand him. It rly bothers me that millions of 12 yr olds look up to him… in 5 yrs the world will be inundated by millions of greedy, selfish, immature, snobby, snotty, adult cry babies… & everyone is going to wish theyd canceled James yrs ago.

  12. Underhand tactics are used everywhere – tis all about money! Thanking you for speaking up, we need more people like you. Unfortunately these tactics are so ingrained they've become normal business practice. People are genuinely afraid to speak out because they'll be hit with a smear campaign. Look at the wrath James Charles got for not promoting those vitamin pills. Weird how it all went away. Hush money??

  13. Finally! A voice of reason. Been in marketing for twenty years and an advertiser will pay someone to say and do anything AND can find a way around the requirement to disclose. We place too much importance on someone's opinion. Caveat emptor. If an influence likes it, check it out for yourself. Matthew McConeghey drives a Lincoln in an ad. He likes it. Do you honestly believe it's his daily driver? If he likes it and you think it might be a good car, go drive one. Really. Consumers need to be individual thinkers.

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