From Ustream**-Watercolor Wednesday-Prima And MaimeriBlue

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6 thoughts on “From Ustream**-Watercolor Wednesday-Prima And MaimeriBlue”

  1. Gina the Maimeriblu look very bright, but are they deeply pigmented? I'm trying to decide between Old Holland and Maimeriblu. But now Prima looks good too. Hope that you get some Old Holland to show us all. OOXXOO Linda PS Any idea who manufactures the Prima paints? Or their lightfastness?

  2. Thanks for posting to youtube. I was able to watch the rest that I missed. Awesome you answered my question. Totally going to see if I can get my mom to buy me the watercolors for my birthday!

  3. those Prima paints looks nice! if I have to only pick one pan at a time which pan would you suggest to buy first and then next? I just got my first set of alcohol markers and I bought one set at a time so I will have to do the same with the paints too. I think I will like the Prima better b/c they are more vibrant than the student grade paint that I got.

  4. I love m.graham watercolors. they have honey in the binder and rewet very easily without having to spray them first and they don't dry out quite all the way so they give gorgeous color easily. they are u.s. made and can usually be found in any art store. I like them better than the few other pro brands I have tried. because of the honey they also don't mold. when you put them in pans they do need a couple days to firm up. even months later you can still put a finger print in them. once firmed up they won't move or run out of the pans. lusious yumminess!

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